I was once inlove with someone
My feelings was as deep as the ocean
My thoughts was as big as the galaxy
And my dream was to have forever, the forever of you and me

The relationship was full of smiles
I thought it would work even with a thousand miles
Your eyes used to talk to me everytime we’re together
And I feel the love, the love that will never fade, never

But one day, everything disappeared
Your smiles turned into expressions that are weird
I looked into your eyes and it was silent
And I just told myselfgirl, you should be patient

The sparkles in your eyes were gone
Your action speaks as if our relationship was done
Your smiles started to fade
It was killing me, like I’m being stabbed by a blade

As time pass us by, everything gets clear
I knew that our relationship’s end was near
I can’t do anything about it so I just wiped my tear
Your eyes were silent, your reactions were clear
Your love was gone, that was my biggest fear
But I have to accept it, that that time, you’re gone from me my dear


The One that Literally Got Away

To the guy who left me crying inside the bus,
How are you feeling? Were you scolded when you got home? I am sorry for putting you in a situation like this. I love you so much, that’s why I invited you to come with me.. to see your new girl. I was crying inside the bus where both of us are sitting together. I cried even harder when I noticed that rain’s falling and we’re getting closer to the place where you’re getting off, the place that you’re leaving me for good. My tears were falling endlessly and all I did was to wipe them away. The person sitting next to me stood up already, then there I remembered that both of you are getting off at the same place. I looked outside the window, crying. I saw you on my peripheral vision, you were standing in the bus’ aisle, waiting for the bus to stop. Suddenly, you sat next to me. I thought, you changed your mind and chose me over her, but I was wrong. While I was crying, you kept on bumping your shoulder to mine, you were calling me.. but I ignored you. I know you’re just gonna tell me that you’re going now. I didn’t give you even a single glance because I know if I do, I will not let you get off of that bus. I felt you stood up, I didn’t look. That very moment, I knew that your heart isn’t mine anymore. And what broke me more? You never looked at me again, and you called her as soon as you got off. I cried so hard that the remaining people inside the bus all looked at me. I didn’t care. All those looks can’t bring my man back. I just wanted to cry because I just realized how much I love you and how I also lost you. I lied and will continue to lie to my friends and family everytime I’ll say “Di ko na siya tatanggapin kung sakaling bumalik siya. Pagod na ko.” Because the truth is, I never got tired of waiting and loving you…

I know this is being desperate but Can you please never forget about my existence in your life? Can you please remember me as the girl you loved for two years? Because I will do the same. I will never forget you, my love. I can’t forget the only person who made me live this life much longer, happier. You were my main man and even if you are not mine anymore, you’ll always and forever remain as that main man you always used to be. Just like what I told you, I know someone will come to fix me again. I am hoping that that ‘someone’ is you eventhough it’s impossible. But just like what I said, I’ll still hope for the best and that best is always you.

I will let you go this time because I saw how happy you are with her but, when time comes that you’ll get tired with her or you’ll realize that I’m still the one, I’ll hug you once more and I will never ever let you go again.

Take care of yourself for me, and tell her to love you more than I did when I still have you. I will wait for you. I am always here for you. I will miss you and I will continue to love you. I love you so much, my love. Good bye.. for now.