Ang Tipo mong Babae

Ang tipo mong babae ay yung babaeng maganda
Yung babaeng hindi ka mahihiyang kasama
Yung babaeng bagay sayo
Yung babaeng hindi kagaya ‘ko

Ang tipo mong babae ay yung pasensyosa
Yung hindi basta bastang nagagalit
Yung babaeng hindi kumikilos na parang paslit
Yung babaeng hindi kagaya ‘ko

Ang tipo mong babae ay yung babaeng karespe-respeto
Yung babaeng mahinhin pa din kahit sa pagtawa
Yung babaeng hindi hahalakhak ng malakas kahit gaano pa siya kasaya
Yung babaeng hindi kagaya ‘ko

Pasensya na kung ngayon ‘ko lang napagtanto
Na ang tipo mong babae ay yung mga babaeng alam mong bagay na bagay sayo
Dahil yun naman talaga ang palaging hinihiling ‘ko
Na mapasa’yo ang pinakamagagandang bagay na maaaring makuha mo

At kahit nasasaktan na ako
Araw-araw ko pa ding ipagdadasal ng paulit-ulit ito
“Panginoon, ibigay mo po sa kanya lahat ng bagay na nararapat sa kanya dito sa mundo
Kahit sa mga bagay na ‘yon, alam ‘kong hindi kasama yung ‘ako’
Dahil Panginoon, ipinakita mo po sa akin kung ano ang totoo
Na ang tipo niyang babae ay yung babaeng sa kahit anong aspeto, hindi kagaya ‘ko”


First and Last

It makes me happy seeing you happy. I love listening to your stories. To be honest, I can listen to all your rants and stories all day long if you’d want me to.

I just want to let you know that it broke my heart hearing you tell stories about her and seeing how pained you were because of your misunderstandings.. but, I still wanted to listen because there, I realized that she was one of the few reasons why you would talk to me. I envied her so much because she had you when I was there, unconsciously liking you. I envied her so much because you were talking to me about her, not the other way around. Yet, I’m still thankful to her. For existing and being a reason why I could talk to you. She was indeed a blessing and a pain in both of our lives, isn’t she?

I asked myself, “can you do this again? Will you do this again?” The answer broke my heart. The answer was the reason why I’m writing this first and last letter for you..


Tomorrow, as you celebrate your birthday, I would like to remind you how great you are as a person and as a friend. I would like to remind you that you deserve all the best things in this world, including the best set of friends and the best girl you could ever have. You should not settle for anything less because the best is what you deserve.

I want to thank you for being the reason behind my smiles for almost a year (though you are unaware of it lol). I also want to thank God for allowing me to meet you as the real you and not you as someone else. Thank you.

There are a few things that I want to wish for you on your birthday but, what I’m going to wish now is for you to be happier as you grow older and for you to achieve all the things that you work hard for. Remember that I’ll always be proud of you and I will always support you as a friend and soon, maybe one of the coming days, even as a stranger..

Thank you so much for everything and, thank you for reading the first and last letter I’d ever write for and about you.

Happy birthday in advance, Emilio. May God bless you always.xx -💀



I was once inlove with someone
My feelings was as deep as the ocean
My thoughts was as big as the galaxy
And my dream was to have forever, the forever of you and me

The relationship was full of smiles
I thought it would work even with a thousand miles
Your eyes used to talk to me everytime we’re together
And I feel the love, the love that will never fade, never

But one day, everything disappeared
Your smiles turned into expressions that are weird
I looked into your eyes and it was silent
And I just told myselfgirl, you should be patient

The sparkles in your eyes were gone
Your action speaks as if our relationship was done
Your smiles started to fade
It was killing me, like I’m being stabbed by a blade

As time pass us by, everything gets clear
I knew that our relationship’s end was near
I can’t do anything about it so I just wiped my tear
Your eyes were silent, your reactions were clear
Your love was gone, that was my biggest fear
But I have to accept it, that that time, you’re gone from me my dear

Why am I writing?

I lost my writing feels few months ago and I just regained it last month after I got…. lost (somehow). This blog site will be my haven online (except twitter ofc).


Please stay with me as I tell the online world the different stories me, my notebook, my pen and my coffee created. 😊


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