I was once inlove with someone
My feelings was as deep as the ocean
My thoughts was as big as the galaxy
And my dream was to have forever, the forever of you and me

The relationship was full of smiles
I thought it would work even with a thousand miles
Your eyes used to talk to me everytime we’re together
And I feel the love, the love that will never fade, never

But one day, everything disappeared
Your smiles turned into expressions that are weird
I looked into your eyes and it was silent
And I just told myselfgirl, you should be patient

The sparkles in your eyes were gone
Your action speaks as if our relationship was done
Your smiles started to fade
It was killing me, like I’m being stabbed by a blade

As time pass us by, everything gets clear
I knew that our relationship’s end was near
I can’t do anything about it so I just wiped my tear
Your eyes were silent, your reactions were clear
Your love was gone, that was my biggest fear
But I have to accept it, that that time, you’re gone from me my dear


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